Doyou finally want to know why I am asking for the photos of the most favourite parts of your face?

Well, I will try to explain it... This is the idea (I will actualize it):




This project is about beauty. Beauty through the veil of perception. The modern world is defined by the perception of beauty as presented by media. Youth is worshipped and the airbrushed faces are presented deviod of character and narrative. Many of those who do not fit to these standards, feel unattractive or uninteresting.

The presentation of beauty in this medium is often conceived as an expression of self-love. On the contrary, it is an expression of a contradicting sentiment. Self love on adeeper level does not mean being proud or too confident, self love means to forget superficial self-criticism and move towards an accepting and open mode of perception.

Self-love is the first step to love and accept others, which is a topic that I think is of crucial importance in a time when so many of our human values are moving in the opposite direction.
The first phase of the project is a survey. I asked many people to make a detailed photo of their face. It could be anything they like on their face most. I have about 90 photos of eyes, noses, lips, cheeks, etc. I would like to collect about 200 of them.

Interestingly, the most enthusiastic participants are among children. They are not critical of themselves, they just have fun. Enthusiasm of the participants decreases with increasing wrinkles and other traces of their life stories. However, they are the most valuable characteristics of the human face - these traces are the stories of life written on a once blank book. Therefore, most of my models are 20 – 35 years old. But I still hope to find more people, happy having their wrinkles, and willing to anonymously share their stories with the world.
When I have enough materials, I am going to engrave each of them in glass. The technique of glass engraving is ideal for my project. Similar to the effect of time and experiences in faces, engraving leaves prints, marks and scratches on the surface of glass, forming paths, ravines and abysses, breathing life into it. The rotating wheel is removing glass, forming volumes from the originally pure, flat glass: the print of a landscape, or a portrait.

I want to set up an appropiate installation from the engraved parts, supporting their meaning. It doesn´t have a definite shape yet. It will depend on how many and what kind of materials for engraving I will get as well as on finances, because in my enthusiasm for the idea, I jumped into this project forgotting how much will it cost. So we shall see… In any case, the art produced will be exhibited in several places.



After some trials I finally decided how would I engrave the parts of THE PROJECT:





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