SCHOOL OF JIŘÍ HARCUBA in the František Glassworks,

Sázava, the Czech Republic, September 22-24, 2014





The program of The School of Jiří Harcuba starts by moving participants of the International Engraving Symposium in Kamenický Šenov by buses to Sázava, where it will be possible to participate in the guided tour in The Center of Glass Art and The Exhibition of IGS. There will be an opening of The Exhibition of Jiří Harcuba and then a lecture about his work. The School of Jiří Harcuba itself starts on Monday morning. The participants will be able to participate in it the whole 3 days, only a selected day, or just to come and create a print or engraved slide.

In any case, you need to sign in advance on the webside of The Center of Glass Art, you can also find more info there:

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Jiri Harcuba School September 22-24, 2014

Glassworks Frantisek in Sazava, The Czech Republic

Lector: Pavlina Cambalova





Sunday 21.9.


Departure of the participants and other guests by a special bus from Kamenický Šenov.

12.00 -13.00

Accommodation of the participants of the School of JH and a lunchtime for everybody.

14.00 -16.00

Guided tour through the exhibition of IGS collection with Milan Hlaveš and Petr Nový and a guided tour through the studios and workshops with František Janák.


Lecture of Milan Hlaveš about Jiří Harcuba.


Opening of the exhibition of Jiří Harcuba.


Buffet, free entertainment.


Departure of the bus to Kamenický Šenov.

Monday 22.9.


Meeting of the participants, information about program of the School of JH and safety issues.  


Workshop activities.


Lunch break.


Visit to Sázava Monastery.


Workshop activities.

From 17.00

Free program.

Tuesday 23.9.


Workshop activities.


Lunch break.


Workshop activities, open door for the public.

From 17.00

Dinner, free entertainment.

Wednesday 24.9.


Visit to Kavalierglass.


Workshop activities.


Lunch break.


Workshop activities, lectures.

From 17.00

Dinner of all participants, farewell party, award ceremony.

Thursday 25.9.


Departure of the participants.


Contacts: Ways of Glass

______The Center of Glass Art, Glassworks Frantisek, Sazava

____ _Na Kácku 218

______28506 Sázava

______The Czech Republic

e-mail :

Tel.: +420 728 856 044


Price: to make The School of Jiří Harcuba available, we set the basic price to 20 EUR / 600 CZK per day including all materials. However, the costs will be higher and, in addition, we intend to create a printed catalog on the occasion of the first-year of the School, we gratefully appreciate any additional voluntary contributions.

With regard to the number of working places, the number of participants is limited to 9 people/3 days (WHICH HAS BEEN ALREADY FILLED) and 15 people per 1 day (APPLY HERE)

Contact e-mail:


MANY THANKS to Glassworks Frantisek in Sazava (mainly to František Janák), who support this event SO MUCH!