MEETING (2014)

Artist in Residence, Toyama Institute of Glass Art, Toyama (JP)




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In the world around me it seems so easy to have everything we want. We just go to a cheap shopping center and buy it. NOW. If we don´t have enough money, we get a loan. We got used to that, loosing our respect to nature and to one another. Relationships are different. We can´t just take them and go.

I came to Toyama with a very simple plan: to meet local inhabitants, and make an exhibition about them… the idea was to take photos of random people with closed eyes. Easy…?

My first meetings were really short and I didn´t collect any photos during the first day… I lost all my courage – what shall I do? I wanted to stay at home – talking to people seemed so difficult to me... and after that I took the first photo – photo of myself, because I felt I had similar difficulties with the contact like the people around me. Sometimes it´s a really hard work to talk to the others.

I decided not to expect anything, just to have a nice time at a new place and to be opened to new meetings... I learned that some things need time. And it started to work.

I recorded few random meetings – I took a photo and started engraving portraits of the people with closed eyes… The closed eyes should focus our attention on the „inside“ – the soul. I was trying to capture not only the portrait: to learn more about the people, I prepared presents for them – small glass stones with engraved colorful figures. They were asked to choose one they liked the best. Later I made a much larger copy of them, that were „levitating“ in the gallery, symbolizing the unlimited souls.

I wanted to engrave 7 portraits – meetings - but during the time of creating my project I decided to make only 6 of them – and a clean „canvas“, open for another meetings.

Thank you so much, TIGA, for choosing me for the Residency! I really enjoyed every day! I learned a lot about the wonderful Japanese culture, I experienced many things, so different from those I´m used to. Thank you for your help with everything, for the chance to work on my project at such an amazing place, well equipped for every technique, full of kind people, excited for glass. And thank you, Japan, for teaching me about ichi-go ichi-e…